Thursday, December 14

Luxury in the region

On the highest hill in Yeghegnadzor lives a wonderful couple from Canada.

They have been helping Armenins the last three years, and this week they shared some of their many stories and a lovely meal with Kaja and me.

Antoine, Armenian, and Sheila, originally from Scotland have a wonderful home in Armenia. The fireplace was amazeing, and we felt really warm for the first time in many weeks! Antoine have had projects on tree-planting, honey-export ans is a volunteer adviser. Sheila teaches English at the university in Yeghegnadzor, and support local handcraft such as sewing and wooden basket making.

They have lived in Egypt and travelled a lot. Interesting to hear their experience and advice. And they gave us excellent food, red wine and Armenian cognac. We brought Norwegian Melkesjokolade and Linie Akevit which they said was good! Skaal!

Antione shared a pomegranate (armenian: NORR) with us, and showed us the correct way of cutting it. It is a certain trick in order not to damage the berries and make a big mess at the table...

Inside, there are 365 berries in each fruit, one for each day...

It was some hours of luxury for both the body and mind for Kaja and me. Shat shnorhakalotion, Sheila jev Antione: Thank you very much!


Anonymous Pierre said...

Ello! Kewlt å høre hva du driver med:) litt av en hverdag...Utvekslingssutudent i Frankreich ble plutselig litt stusslig;) Ville bare si hei, og god jul sånn i forkant, veit ikke når du sjekker neste gang men...Blir weird å ikke møtes i bakken på julaften gitt...Ha det fortsatt bra der nede!!

Masse hilsener fra oss!

8:32 PM  
Blogger RØD said...

Salut mon ami Pierre! Merci pour le message! Ja, d blir rart aa ikke moetes i Grindabakken... Naar reiser dere hjem til Norge? Hils familien, og kos dere maks med den gode maten og naboskapet!! (PS: Ikke glem aa lytte til "apropos kalosj-samtalen"...) Stor klem, R

10:45 AM  

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