Thursday, December 14

Local work in Armenian Red Cross

We are helping the local Armenian Red Cross to be prepared for disasters!

Yeghegnadzor Red Cross Branch visit elderly people and have trainings in disaster management and first aid on a regular basis. Kaja and me are participating in their local projects to learn more about the Armenian Red Cross in general and also to help them with their everyday tasks. The group of helpers is a really great and proud team!

The volunteers from the disaster management group and first aiders from 3 regions had recently a training competition near the river in Yeghegnadzor. Once agian, I was a victim in a car accident and I also had some fake injuries. The volunteers took really good care of me, and it was a nice feeling to be taken such good care for of in the middle of nowhere...

Once a month, some of the volunteers visit elderly people who have little money to spend on food and personal hygiene and bring them two yellow bags. In the bags there are for instance macaroni, tea, beans, rice and soaps. The bags we packed in the office, 28 bags all in all.

The women were really glad to see us (they are all women...guess they live the longest in this country!), and all of them offered us coffee... Although they have very little food and money, they still wanted to share whatever they had with us. Really nice people!


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