Friday, December 22

Good bye, bye, bye, tatik Emma!

We have spent one month in Yeghegnadzor village sharing an appartment with tatik ("granny") Emma. Most of the days we had a lot of fun due to language problems, old facilities and a joyful old lady.

Yesterday, we put up the christmas tree and decorated the hall where we have spent most of the time when not in bed watching a DVD or sleeping... (Because the gas oven is situated in the hall...) We laughed a lot decorating each other and the fake silver christmas tree from Russia.

The bathroom with no hot water and the toilet without a flush has been a tiny little challenge for two Norwegian girls spoiled with modern facilities, but we have managed very well, I think.

We are glad that tatik Emma shared her house with us this month, and we will visit her again for sure next year! (She lives in the appartment with the blue plastic on the balkony.)

Then we will practice more armenian and english words with our tatik Emma. On Monday when we are going back to Yerevan, we will all say Emmas famous english fraze:

"Good bye, bye, bye!"
(Wich is often being used insted of good night...) :)


Anonymous Monika said...

Ønsker dere en riktig god jul og et godt nytt år!

10:41 PM  

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