Sunday, June 17

Perfect End of Mission: New volunteer room! :)

Finally the Red Cross volunteers in Yerevan have their own room! Aprenk! The walls are painted, the floor fixed, and computers donated by HSBC bank are at line along the new desks. The furniture is funded by our activity budget from the Norwegian Red Cross (5400 NOK/900 USD).
This was celebrated with cakes and wine for both staff and volunteers in June. All the volunteers got free tickets to the cinema from the staff/delegates to let them know that we appreciate the good work they all do.
The room is across the hall of the Youth Departement and is open for all volunteers that want to use it. The room will benefit both the Bead group, Smiley Club group, Newsletter group, the English debaters and also for all kinds of recruitment, meetings and trainings for youth .
In addition to the English debates, Satik (to the right) now wants to start with French debates! She is also interested in voluneetring, and here Rita tells her about the programs she can participate in.
Finance-queen Lia donates her calculator to the Bead group! :) Apres!
The Bead volunteers have had the need of more practical space for the making and storage of the items, and finally they can sit around a table with a lot of shelfs and closets close by.
I only had a few working days in this room, but it feels good to know that the volunteers can have this room for a long time (4ever!), and this was a very good end on me and Kajas Youth Delegate mission, and a very good start for the contuniation of the important work that the Armenian youth does for the Red Cross.
Thanks a lot for the cooperation, dear fellow Red Cross volunteers! I will never forget you, and I wish you all the best! Shat merci,u shat aprek aziz jans... ;)


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