Monday, May 7

English Debates with the Red Cross

1. It is easier to be a girl than a boy in Armenia
2. Girls should not work after marriage
3. It is wrong to have sex before marriage
4. Teenagers should not be given condoms

This statements have been the root of several interesting debates at the Red Cross Head Quarter in Yerevan. Since February, we have had English Debates for youth, mostly RC volunteers have showed up, but also some from "outside" the Red Cross Familiy.
I have had some of my most interesting moments during these debates, and in addition to the discussions and stories followed by, I really believe that we have improved the English level among the Armenian participants.
The debates are easy to arrange, does not cost any money and is very interesting! Can be held in all languages, of course! :)

Other suggestions for debates:

5. Armenia is a modern country
6. Boys should have the choice to say NO to the army
8. It is OK to use torture if it can lead to information that saves lives
11. It is wise to have several boy/girlfriends before getting married
12. Sometimes war is the best solution when people disagree
13. Armenian Diaspora visiting Armenia is a positive breath for the country
14. Hiv-positive persons should tell their classmates, friends and colleagues about their illness
15. The future is bright for young Armenians


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