Tuesday, May 15

The Day After...

It's 13th of May, the day after the parliamentary elections and Eurovision song contest. It’s the day of Gossiping! :)
Some friends and friends of friends and I are having a small gathering close to the Opera square in the afternoon. Two of the girls are almost sleeping, they were observing the elections and counting votes until almost 5 am. One of the girls, Anoush, says that the elections that she was observing went quietly and normal without any problems.
(Our friends Emma and Lia voted, and we waited for them outside the school.)
But Tamar is upset about the whole elections, e.g. because of the briberies she has heard about lately. She is telling us that the ones who voted for “Hanrapetakan”, the Republican party, could get AMD 15 000 (42 USD). This party was in power before the elections, and they also won these elections with a large margin.
From the restaurant, we could hear angry voices from the Freedom square near the Opera. The opposition parties and a lot of voters had showed up to show their anger against the elections and the Republican party.

In the country side, we have heard that people got food; flour etc for voting for certain parties. We have also heard that some parties “stole” votes and names if people did not show up, and that blank votes where filled in as a vote for a party…

Nevertheless, several observers say these elections were more free and fair than the previous ones. But that the road is long before they really can be called free and fair…

PS: Armenia became number 8 in the Euro vision song contest, congrats! The group also discussed the fact that Turkey gave Armenia 12 points. It is interesting since the two countries are “enemies”. So despite the fact that the group was upset about the elections, everybody was happy with the Eurovision Song contest!
PS: Kari (Kaja's mother), I hope you are happy with the nice girls and the tulips!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear friend,it was not Turkish people who vote for Armenia but Armenians living in Turkey.Do not forget the fact that there live many Armenians in Turkey (its hard to find exact number and mostly all of them had to chanage their last names.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the tulips and the girls. Kari

12:37 AM  

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