Tuesday, May 15

Congratulations, Red Cross!

The International Red Cross Day in Armenia was celebrated with dancing mice, a beautiful Cinderella, a big cake and a bead exhibition/sale.

On 8th of May, Red Cross is celebrating all over the world, marking the founding of the humanitarian organization. In Yerevan, the Red Cross family (Armenian Red Cross Society, IFRC and ICRC) gathered in the hall of the RC Head Quarter with a lot of active and cute kids.
The Smiley Club children showed us a very charming and nice theatre play: Cinderella. Kaja and the volunteers have been working on the play for 3 months, and had made the costumes themselves. Aprek!
The Beads for Needs group presented their jewelry, and we sold items for AMD 20 000. (Almost 60 USD). And the next day some girls from the account department dropped by the youth department to buy a birthday gift for their friend, and bought items for AMD 4 000. Aprenk!
However, this day was foremost a day for the children from the dormitory, and they enjoyed eating a lot of cake! Look at those charming girls!


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