Monday, May 7

Armenian Youth Issues in English

Denne saken med flere finnes på norsk på Røde Kors Ungdom sine nettsider (klikk Dem inn på "Internasjonal ungdomsutveksling"):
Armenian Red Cross Youth have recently initiated English debates for youth in Yerevan. The aim is to improve their English skills, and to share opinions about love, relationships, work and war.

The debates are held at the Red Cross Headquarter every Thursday, and it is open for all young volunteers and other youngsters who know some English. The knowledge of English is generally very poor in Armenia, although the pupils learn English for 6-7 years in school.

At each debate, the participants can choose from some 10 statements, and then take a stand at one of the three corners on the floor: “Agree”, “Disagree” or “It depends”. They will all have the chance to give a speech for 2-3 minutes, and then everybody can share comments and ask questions to each other. After the debate, we sum up the opinions and correct some of the language mistakes.

During the first debates, we discussed whether women should work after marriage, and if it is wrong or not to have sex before marriage. In Armenia, it is expected that girls are virgins before they are married, while boys should have sexual experience.
Sargis Bashikyan (18), the only boy participating in this debate, argued that girls should wait until marriage because of the Armenian tradition called “The Red Apple”. According to the tradition, the parents of the groom visit the couple after their wedding night to see if there is blood on the bed sheets, and then they bring a red apple to the parents of the bride as a symbol of loss of virginity.

- Girls should not have sex before marriage, because they should save their body for the man they marry, says Metaqsya Yeghiazaryan (20).

She thinks that Armenian girls are more respected if they are virgins before they marry.

But Nelly Movsesyan (20) did not agree with Sargis and Mataqsya, and argued that boys and girls should decide themselves when they wanted to have sex.
- I think it would be good if the Armenian traditions could change a bit. It is better if girls also can have sex before marriage, especially if they are more than 25 years old before they marry. It is not healthy for their body if they do not have sexual relation before this age, Nelly thinks.

She also adds that the best case is if the sexual relation is with a person you love and later want to marry.


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