Sunday, May 13

The Great Beads for Needs Girls! :)

"My" adorable girls and I have been making a lot of jewelleries lately, especially for our exhibition and sale on the International Red Cross Day, 8th of May.

The Beads for Needs group has been excisting for more than half a year, and I am impressed by all the nice items the group has made.

Take a look at this cute necklace with brown pearls, for example!

Just a small amount of the money we have raised has been spent on the Smiley Club children; most of it has been spent on further investmens, and savings. But we plan to spend a large amount on Childrens Day, 1th of June so that the kids can have a lot of fun that day. (Picknic, cinema, amusement park etc...)
The hard core girls in the group are Metax, Gayanne, Nelly, Greta and me with a lot of help from Lia (staff, financial issues). The volunteers are all eager to continue with the fund raising-project after I have left, and that makes me very happy. :)

Most of the time we have had a lot of fun, and it is a good feeling to be creative together while supporting a good cause at the same time.


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