Saturday, April 14

The Churches of Gosh

During our stay in Dilijan for the hiv-seminars, we also visited the Nor Getik Monastery close by: Goshavank.
It is a beautiful monastery consisting of 5 churches. Fact line from my Garden-city Ijevan guide:

"Mkhitar Gosh, one of the foremost Armenian intellectuals from the Middle Ages, founded the Nor Getik Monastery in 1188. At first he had a wooden church built, which was named St. Gregory and was ceremonially anointed."

Our guide told us that the most beautiful cross stone in all Armenia is situated at Goshavank. I have only seen a few hundred (!), but I can imagine that she is right...

After his death, one of his disciples, Priest Martoros constructed new buildings including a library. He initiated the monastery as it is today. Gosh was burried on a hill close to Goshavank, with a beautiful view!

Those interested in reliogion, history and architecture are recommended a trip to Armenia!


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