Saturday, April 14

Hiv-info for more nurse students

The local Red Cross in Ijevan and I also held a seminar for the nurse students in Dilijan, the neighbouring little town of Ijevan.
It went well; the students did well on the quiz and were quite active in the discussion about sex before marriage, transmission and stigma.

But the answers where quite the same as I have heard several times before in Armenia: girls should wait until marriage before they have sex, but boys on the other hand should have some experience. This seem to be the overall opinion of both boys and girls in Armenia.
In these debates, I always say that from the Red Cross point of view, it is always up to each person, both boy and girl, to decide if and when they want to have sex. And when ready, it is of course important to use condoms if you are at risk of STIs and hiv! :)

While we where in Dilijan (35 km from Ijevan) we also held a mini seminar for the local volunteers in a class room. (The age gap was quite big, but even the eldest woman enjoyed the chair game!)

We hope that they will visit the local schools in Dilijan to spread more info about hiv and sexual health.


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