Thursday, April 26

Remembering the Armenian Genocide

24th of April is the Genocide Memorial Day in Armenia. We laid down flowers at the Memorial site to remember that hundreds of thousands of Armenians were persecuted and killed by Turks in 1915.
In one of the hills in Yerevan, there is a monument which has an Eternity Flame. On the circle around this flame thousands of people put flowers last Tuesday to show that they remember the Genocide of their ancestors. For Kaja and me it was very interesting to see how the Armenians mark the Memorial Day, and we went there with our two Armenian friends Emma and Lia who told us about the site and the history. The weather was horrible: snowing and raining the whole day. Nevertheless, people kept coming from morning to night. From the speakers on the long way to the Memorial site, we could hear mourning music, and several TV-companies broadcasted the ceremony during the day.
In the afternoon, we visited our Norwegian friends Kirsten and Tom and their daughter Ragnhild Helen. They served us coffee and Norwegian waffles with brown cheese. Just what we needed after the cold day! :)


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