Saturday, February 10

Trip 2 Tbilisi

During my Christmas holiday I visited Georgia for a little week with my dear Fouad from France. We had some wonderful days with his friends and discovered the interesting and beautiful city Tbilisi.

After 7 hours in a cold minibus we arrived the capital with the feeling of spring. + 4 celcius degrees in Tbilisi was a nice contrast to Yerevans - 13 degrees.... Another contrast to Yerevan is that Tbilisi still has an "Old town" with nice streets, restaurants and old castle ruins.

We visited several churches, some 10 maybe, and I almost felt as if I were on a Pilgrim journey... We also ate a lot of lavash (bread), shat hamova (very tasty)!

Tbilisi has a lot of natural warm sources in the underground, and we visited the Turkish bath a couple of evenings to enjoy the warm sulfat water, great!

Another nice experience was visiting the national theatre watching a ballet play for children. Many colourful and cute dances and costumes. And I rented some cool equipments...


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