Sunday, April 1

Hiv dissemination among nurse students

In the same building as the local Red Cross in Ijevan, more than 30 students are studying to become nurses. They are the possible aids-patient care workers of tomorrow, and we have visited them a couple of times with activities and leaflets to update them and remind them about the important topic.

The students are from different villages nearby, and study in Ijevan for 10 months; basic course. They knew a lot about hiv/aids from before, but less about sexual transferred infections such as herpes, Chlamydia and gonorrhea. The leaflets and booklets we gave them about hiv/aids are important additions to their curriculum, and both the students and the teacher were very satisfied. :)
In addition to the transmission game and the chair game we often have in classrooms (which also was a “hit” among students and became a game where people where falling on their backs laughing…), we had a difficult quiz about hiv/aids, and a group activity about the disease. One group was supposed to write a list about how to avoid the disease, and the other group was writing down what hiv-positive persons should do to keep as healthy as possible.

I did not have a translator this time (David was busy), but the RC girls Hermine and Lusine understand a bit English and I can speak and understand a bit Armenian….

Lusine (orange cap) is also a nurse, and it seems like she knows a lot about hiv/aids and health in general. Hermine (red cap) works with dissemination in the RC, and is trained to give information about the RC.
I am happy to be able to cooperate with such nice girls!


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Interesting to know.

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