Sunday, April 8

Palm Sunday in the hills

On Palm Sunday I went hiking with some friends in Tavush, an Armenian region on the border of Azerbaijan where I am working for the time being. Nice to get some fresh air and view!

David, Arman, Gugo and Sasha from the local Red Cross (volunteers) and Justin from the American Peace Corps were my hiking companions for the day, and our goal was to reach the little chapel on the top of one of the hills.
Very tiny, old church. We had a little picknik there, with Sashas dog! (Can you see her?!)

About 20 000 lives in Ijevan (I guess less since many people have left the last years...), and it is a very green place on earth.

It reminds me of the landscape of "Heartbeat". :)
But it is full of garbage, sadly... :(

And happy pigs!!


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