Tuesday, April 3

Norwegian KEF!

Armenians love celebrations and party, KEF in Armenian... (or is it Russian?!). I had a Norwegian Kef last Friday with the Red Cross Youth volunteers in Ijevan. Main ingrediens: WAFFLES!!

We listened to some Norwegian music (Gitarkameratene, Grandiosa-sangen (ha,ha) and different pop singers.. Gaute! :)) and danced and ate a lot of vafler! Which they said was "shat hamova", very tasty!!

I borrowed the waffle iron from Harald and Ragnhild, my Norwegian friends in Yerevan. (Tusen takk!) Hermine helped me make them, she did well!!

The volunteers of Ijevan Red Cross are the happiest volunteers I have ever met... For this reason I made a toast for them, and they had several for me...
Some of the boys like to sing, and had a caraoke... I had a quiz about Armenia and Norway before they left (at 21.30), with Melkesjokolade as the prize for all my Red Cross friends! Maladietz! Aprenk!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi very nice pics, and well done you do a great job. But one suggestion, may be you have to call it Norwegian waffles and Armenian qef??, since Norwegians do not have such an active dancing-qef tradition.

9:25 PM  
Blogger RØD said...

Hello anonymous! The point with calling it a Norwegian kef was to show the mix of Norwegian culture and Armenian culture. Please do not take my blog too seriously!! :)

2:48 PM  

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