Saturday, March 24

Signature writing in school!

During the last week we have been visiting 8 classes to tell about sexual health and to have awareness activities about hiv/aids. One of the high lights was when one of the classes wanted my signature on their new hiv-leaflets.

We visited some pupils from the 7th grade, but mostly those from the 8th and 9th grade. All the principals and teachers were positive and thankful for us coming, and we could have the activities and information just as we wanted it; great! But we never handed out condoms as we do in Norway, we only talked about it and asked them if they knew where they could buy them. Many boys said: “Apoteka”! :)

In addition to give some basic info about hiv/aids, Chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea, we had the activity “high risk, low risk, no risk” and if the classroom and chairs allowed us: the hiv-transmission chair game. One is without a chair, and will try to get one when those who have the name “mothers milk”, “blood” and “without condom” have to rise to get a new seat. I guess you all know this game, only the names are different…

We have this activity to have some fun with the pupils, and to make them remember the 3 ways of hiv-transmission: through blood, through breast milk and through unprotected sex.
Most of the classes were good to have the activities with, and some of them knew impressively much about hiv, and where very active. But as always: some of the boys are making a lot of noise, and many of the pupils are very quiet.

Some of the girls were giggeling, and it gave me some flash backs to when I was a little teenager; talking about sex and condoms can be embarrassing! :) (Look at these cute girls on the first row!)

But I hope in any case that they learned something new about sexual transferred infections and risk behavior, and that they will take care of their own and other people’s sexual health in the future. Because this is what it is all about…


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