Wednesday, March 21

Happy Paddy’s day!!

Irish tap dance, Irish songs, Irish music, Irish food, Irish flag, Irish green hats, Guinness and Irish whiskey… these are the ingredients of a successful Paddy-day!! :)
17th of March Kaja and I celebrated the Irish national day in Yerevan, Marriott Hotel, with a lot of friends and unknown green people… Dancing, drinking, talking, laughing… especially when I danced with this old guy: We were all alone on the dance floor, and he was such a cutie! With a Shamrock sticker on his forehead… :)
The party was organized by parents and teachers from the QSI, International school in Yerevan. Our cool friend Ragnhild sat in the committee, and looked Gorgeous in Green!

Paul from Norway (half British...) also enjoyed the Paddy-day, boy can he dance! And shout! Aprek!!
Slante! (It is cheers in Irish, is it not??!!)


Anonymous Teddy D. said...

Wouaahhhh!! What a nice green hat! This time again, i can't help it... one word: Maladietz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:50 AM  
Blogger RØD said...

Apres for writing on my blog, Teddy dear! Hope u r having fun in France!
Biz-biz!! :)

4:22 PM  

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